Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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POTD – Wilson CQB Tactical

This gun belongs to Bob. He has excellent taste in firearms. All motorcycle cops do. In his Wilson CQB Tactical, he proves once again...

My Favorite 1911 Look

It’s probably a reflection of my age and generation, but I find the dark slide and stainless frame, 2-tone look to be about the...

Long Saturday

At 630am it was website updates. By 930am it was range time. By 2pm it was tractor service center to bring in busted range...

Blued Gun Wear

I took these photos a little while back. You see the wear on the magwell and mainspring housing? That is from just over a...

Wilson 9mm Magazine Test

So…while shaking down the Ed Brown, I have decided that I want to use the 10 round magazines that Wilson Combat has come up...