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Vang Comp Discreet Carry Bag - VCS Chair Cover

Vang Comp Discreet Carry Bag

Introducing the VCS "Chair Cover" Discreet Carry Bag. Heavy duty padded case designed to blend in with your other outdoor gear like tents, folding...

Vang Comp Safety Mossberg 590

We haven’t been publishing much about the shotguns since we are in the middle of a big rifle rang build. But someone wanted to...

POTD – Vang Comp Porting

A few days ago, a reader asked if I would post images of the Vang Comp porting done to our Mossberg 590. So here...

Mossberg 590 Upgrades

This will be a picture heavy post with little description since it’s self explanatory. Shown is a Mossberg 590 I purchased back in the...