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POTD – Russian Sniper Rifle Testing

POTD - Russian Sniper Rifle Testing Some quick pictures from the range today. We were filming the answer to a question a viewer asked. So...

M1 Garand Cutaway

I love cutaways. I really, really do. But the truth is I only have so much wall space so selecting some cutaways to buy...

POTD: Japanese Type 1 Folding Paratrooper Rifle

JAPANESE TYPE 1 PARATROOPER BOLT ACTION CARBINE. Caliber 6.5 Japanese. Converted from a standard Type 38 Carbine. I have a weakness for any rifle...

Yugo K98 Mauser ReHab

A while back we picked up a Yugoslavian K98 Mauser. It's been collecting dust in the armory for awhile. Well since the weather is...