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The Taliban SCAR-17 is Back

Latest Propaganda video of Taliban SCAR-17

Photos and video have been making the rounds of Taliban fighters spotted with US Military equipment. Specifically a FDE SCAR-17 variant.

Citing open source intel, the US Military has acknowledged the loss of one SCAR-17 / SCAR-Heavy rifle. As I recall, that rifle first made it’s Taliban propaganda debut in 2015. At least that is what I think I remember. As for how? As I seem to recall, the official DOD statement was a rifle was lost / left behind during a causality evacuation under fire? If a reader can clarify some facts, please feel free in the comments below.

SCAR-17 & 16 Maker’s Stock Photo. 17 at bottom.

Since this latest SCAR sighting is getting some press, I will give you three possibilities of what we are looking at and let you be the judge:

  1. The Taliban has captured a second, unacknowledged, US Military SCAR-17 / SCAR-H.
  2. The Taliban being smart PR people, have intentionally just re-used their one existing SCAR for propaganda purposes.
  3. And finally, We have the first indications that the Pakistani Army is adopting the SCAR-17.

The last contingency is somewhat tongue-n-cheek. What I am really saying is the PAK army is getting SCARS on the international markets and “losing some” to the Taliban. If this doesn’t make any sense to you, in the future I will explain why Pakistan does what it does in geo-political terms.

Latest Propaganda video of Taliban SCAR-17.

So…Looking at the newly released image. Is this the same SCAR-17 or a new one? You be the judge. Personally I am betting on it being the same rifle.



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