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Bushnell ConX 1 Mile Laser Range Finder

Bushnell ConX 1 Mile Laser Range Finder

Since we have a website some readers may get things twisted. The fact is, even for us, money is always an issue. I don’t like to overpay for stuff, and my hand to heaven, I think paying too much actually makes Freeze’s blood pressure rise!

Our regulars know I am not even remotely kidding.

So…when last week Bushnell had a blowout on 1-mile LRF’s, my ears perked up. We have been getting buy with some cheap range finders that are lucky to make it 400 yards. And you basically have to hit shiny metal or glass to get that.

Here you can clearly see the eyecup and the focus ring. They have 7x magnification already. So it’s useful as a basic monocular as well.

So…$299 for something called the ConX 1-Mile Laser Range Finders? OK. I’ll bite. If they are rated for 1700 yards, they should hit 1200 in less than idea conditions, right? Well…they did. I successfully ranged 1200+ yards, in full afternoon sun, on green leaves.

For those who have experience with LRF’s, you know that zapping a car, window or metal roof is usually pretty easy. Hitting dark leaves, on a dark tree line, in full sun? 1200 yards. I got my $299 worth.

Now for the rest of the story. I ordered these so quickly when they came on sale, I didn’t do any due diligence on features or function. Turns out…they have bluetooth connectivity, somekind of app for your smart phone and the ability to talk to blue tooth enabled Kestrels.

Attempt to photo reticle. You can see 1067 yards in full sun on tree leaves. Not bad at all!

Well…my Kestrel isn’t BT. And I’m not about to drop big money on one when mine works just fine. When my schedule settles down in a few weeks, I’ll sit down and mess with the rest. But as a LRF? $299?

I’m happy.


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