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Tripod Proof of Concept

Rifle tripod shakedown. Blaser R8.
Rifle tripod shakedown. Blaser R8.

Been working on this for a few weeks. A tripod solution that doesn’t break the bank. Since I won’t be climbing mountains or The Rose Bowl with this setup (SWAT Sniper reference, BTW), I can handle “some” weight, right? It’s a range tripod for training purposes. Nothing more. 

Having never really used one of these, this is a learning process. Today was the first day I connected the rifle to the system. 

It seems functional. And the rifle didn’t fall to the ground. But as Officer Mike warned, “Shoot it then get back to me”. So until I get some time on it, I don’t really have any options to share. 

However….if you do? Feel free to leave them in the comments below. Best practices? Suggestions? Known pitfalls? 






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