Sam Cummings Interarms

7.5 Swiss Estate Ammo

Some friends were helping a family out with the management of a large firearms estate. Word came down that the owners would allow us to buy some ammo before it went public. 

All the 7.5 ammo.

The 7.5 ammo.

Obviously I had a few calibers in mind. Mostly not standard stuff. BTW…when I use the phrase “non-standard” ammo, I am referring to non-NATO calibers. 

Sam Cummings Interarms

7.5 swiss softpoint.

When word came back with a hit on one such caliber, I said buy it all. It’s a dark market so we didn’t know if I was committing to buying 1 box or a pallet of it. 

Sam Cummings Interarms

Samual Cummings Interarms Ammunition.

This is what showed up. Some old PPU stuff. A few boxes of GP11. And lastly…a box of Interarms! Good ole Sam Cummings. He was a character. 

The last time I was in Monaco, I thought about him a lot. 





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