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TSA Gun Check Update

My gun travel load out.
My TSA approved pistol travel configuration.

I travel quite a bit. Have been for years. Almost always with firearms. Been doing it well before 9-11. So I’ve seen it all: agents who love me. Agents who hate me. Agents who want to talk guns because they are gun guys. And agents who don’t understand their own rules and think they are going to give me the silver handcuffs. 

I’m a pretty personable guy when I want to be, so I’ve always managed to make it from point A to point B with my, “equipment”. But this last trip something happened that was so ingenious it will force me to make a change to my gun-check load out. 

What was it you ask? The prodigious use of zip-ties by the TSA! 

Without getting into all the nitty-gritty details, my policy is to “gun-up” as soon as is reasonably possible. I do it legally. I do it surreptitiously. And I do it fast! Everything is setup to facilitate that. Waiting to get to my final destination to do this wasn’t wise. 

Admittedly these days, being semi-retired, this isn’t nearly as big a deal as it used to be. But old habits die hard. And the use of zip-ties by TSA was very effective in locking me out of my luggage for an extended period of time. 

Touche’, Gentlemen!

So from now on, my “travel keys” will have a nondescript set of finger-nail clippers through the ring. TSA website says they are OK to bring aboard checked luggage. Should I have an issue at security and have to surrender said clippers? Easy. I’ll just walk into first terminal store I see and buy another pair. 

If clippers are not available? I’ll find something else to work the zip-ties off. 







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