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UK Government Gives SAS Free Reign to Hunt and Kill ISIS – ISIL

UK Special Air Service

The US media hasn’t really reported much on the political ramifications of the beach attack in Tunisia. But with over 30 UK citizens killed, the politics inside 10 Downing have gotten turned way up. The only way I could possibly describe what an American equivalent might be would…possibly…a similar terror attack on US tourists in Cancun.


Now for the realities. The UK Ministry of Defense is limited in their ability to hurt ISIS. They simply don’t have the military capacity to launch a major ground offensive, keep up their NATO commitments in Europe, and staff various small military outposts leftover from the British Empire. i.e. A Military Garrison in the Falklands.


So…the only alternative….use what they’ve got: Special Forces Units and start killing people. No due process. No rules of war. No complicated target identification and approval process. Well, that last part is somewhat a farce. The MOD may be telling their people at home it’s gloves off. But the truth is MOD will depend heavily on US intelligence to compile and ID  military targets. They have to. The zone is a major US Military AO. And deconfliction is a must.


So you are seeing some saber and some saber rattling. As Rumsfeld once said, you go to war with the military you have. Not the military you want. We will follow this closely. —Marky


SAS Logo
SAS Logo


UK Daily Mail

Britain’s secret war on ISIS: Cameron gives SAS the green light to launch killing raids on terror leaders inside Syria and Iraq
Intelligence sources reveal SAS has been given ‘carte blanche’ to attack
Elite force of up to 100 troops expected to be committed to the secret war
David Cameron pledged a ‘broad spectrum’ response to Tunisian massacre
ISIS gunman Seifeddine Rezgui murdered 30 British tourists in Sousse

British special forces have been given the green light to launch raids deep into ISIS-held territory in Syria and Iraq, senior intelligence sources have revealed.
Amid growing alarm at the threat posed directly to Britain, the SAS has been given ‘carte blanche’ to kill or capture the terror group’s leaders – including the masterminds behind the Tunisian beach massacre.
An elite force of up to 100 troops is expected to be committed to the secret war, working alongside US special forces and Navy Seal teams.

UK SAS at Brecon Beacons
UK SAS at Brecon Beacons

David Cameron last week pledged a ‘broad spectrum’ response to the murder of 30 British tourists by ISIS gunman Seifeddine Rezgui in the Tunisian beach resort of Sousse.
According to the Sunday Times the SAS and SBS will be working with MI6 and GCHQ, the government’s eavesdropping service, to target Isis and other terror groups which pose a threat to Britain.
The operations will be planned and co-ordinated by permanent joint headquarters in Northwood, northwest London. Sources said each mission will probably require the approval of the prime minister.
One senior intelligence source told the Sunday Times: ‘The SAS have been pushing to be more proactive for quite a while.
‘In the past couple of years they have planned a number of operations in Syria when the chemical weapon threat was high but the missions were vetoed at the highest level because of the risks involved.
‘The Tunisian attack has led to a rethink and has speeded up the inevitable use of SF [special forces] against Islamic State.’

n May US special forces carried out a raid in eastern Syria that killed Abu Sayyaf, a top Isis leader. His wife was captured and a female slave from the Yazidi community was rescued.
Last week the Defence Secretary Michael Fallon revealed ministers were considering ordering bombing raids against ISIS strongholds in Syria as early as September.
Mr Fallon said it was ‘illogical’ for the RAF to be bombing ISIS in Iraq, but not joining the American-led assault on their bases in neighbouring Syria.

SAS Sniper Basra, Iraq
SAS Sniper Basra, Iraq


He said: ‘IS has to be defeated in both countries,’ he said. ‘It’s evil in Iraq is being directed by its headquarters in Syria.’
Mr Fallon said the prospect on fresh bombing raids would increase if it emerges that the massacre of 30 British tourists in Tunisia last week was ordered by the ISIS leadership in Syria.
‘If it does link back directly to IS in Syria then we will have to reflect with the rest of the coalition how best we deal with that,’ he said.
The RAF has carried out more than 300 raids against ISIS positions in Iraq since MPs backed military action last September following the beheading of western hostages.
At the time, ministers reluctantly agreed not to extend the bombing into Syria after Labour, and many Tory backbenchers, signalled they would vote it down. Mr Cameron pledged that MPs would get another vote before bombing raids are launched in Syria.
But Labour is now indicating it may reconsider its position. And ministers believe the growing public revulsion about IS may persuade MPs to support a fresh military campaign in Syria.
The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said ‘a lot has changed’ since last September, particularly in the wake of the killings in Tunisia.
Mr Cameron spoke on Monday of the need to ‘crush IS in Iraq and Syria’.

Last night, Isis released a shocking video claiming to show teenage assassins shooting dead 25 opposition soldiers in the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria.
Isis said the men were soldiers captured in the city of Homs. They were shot in the head inside Palmyra’s amphitheatre.
The terrorists captured the site along with the neighbouring city of Palmyra in May.


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