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Video: HK VP40 Is Now Available

Hk VP40 Pistol

The HK VP40 is now out. As many of you know, we are huge fans of the VP9 (so far). I see the 40 as a logical next step. There are many LEO groups who run the 40 and this would enable them to much more easily transition should they desire to stay within a caliber group. Will I run out and get a VP40?

No. Probably not. But if, or more likely when, HK comes out with a “Practical – Tactical” in 40, I’ll jump all over it. But for social work, I’m fine with the 9.

HK VP40 Pistol
HK VP40 Pistol

On a HK note, I am glad to see John Rasmussen demoing this pistol. I am aware that there have been issues with HK USA and their shooting team. More accurately, I heard the entire HK team was possibly closed down and picked up by a large HK vendor to represent their business. Was this video shot before the split? Or is HK still trying to hold a team together? Anyone with insight please feel free to chime in.




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