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Cheap Dueling Tree
4-banger dueling tree.

Have you ever purchased “used” steel targets before? I haven’t. Actually I haven’t seen used ones for sale before this. 

So today we had to stop by our local FFL to pick up some packages and I noticed a dueling tree on the showroom floor. 

Cheap Dueling Tree
Factory paint.

It’s only a 4-banger. Where I would prefer a 6-8-10. But…it’s still got factory paint and decals on it! I think the owner shot it once then put it up in his garage. Doesn’t look like it’s even been range painted! 

But here’s the kicker: It’s rifle rated! No shipping. No muss. No fuss. Pick it up and put it in the truck outside. I like easy. So I told the shop I was interested. 

The shop said make an offer. I guessed what they paid for it. Which turns out to have been on the nose. I offered a fair percentage above that so they would come out on the value-added side of having it in inventory for 7 days. 

And we got it for a fraction of what it sells for new. 

When carrying it out to the truck, I asked the owner, “So. Tell me the truth. When you bought this? Did you think we (John1911) would be buying it?”

With a smile and a twinkle in his eye he said,  “Yes”. 






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