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Video — Holes in Holes Drill

Video -- Shooting Holes in Holes drill at 10 feet

Video — Holes in Holes Drill

Recently I heard from a reader who was lamenting that he didn’t have all the fancy facilities “we have” to train. OK. Fair enough. But that seems more like a mental wall than a facility limitation.

Here is something we call the “Holes in Holes drill”. How it works has some flexibility but this skill is a make or break. House clearing and the running and gunning may get the ratings, but if you can do this drill, you can do most anything with a handgun.

In this video, I setup the IDPA target at 10 feet. Measured. Not guessed. Place some small dots on the target and try to put 5 successive shots into the same hole. If 10 feet is too far back, cut it to 5 feet and try again.

The goal is to have all the bullets go into the same hole no bigger than the diameter of the bullet you are firing. .355 for 9 millimeter. .45 of an inch for 45ACP, etc.


One, If you shoot this at a public range that uses a target cable system, you’ll have issues with the target swinging. I suggest getting permission to put one target stand at x distance with 15-20 dots on it so you don’t have to keep shutting down the range.

The target when done. Some at 10 feet. Some farther. Some weak handed.
The target when done. Some at 10 feet. Some farther. Some weak handed.

Two,  If you are really good and want to up the game to expert level, shoot the drill with no dot or target reference. This forces you to really focus on the where the bullet hit at the moment your shot broke and keeping it relevant to your site picture. Once you do it this way, you’ll think using dots is cheating.

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