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Criminals Load Ammo Backwards

Ammo loaded backwards in magazine. Not unheard of
Ammo loaded backwards in magazine. Not unheard of

A couple of pill heads got into a fight about…wait for it…pills. It seems one pulled a gun on the other and pistol whipped said “other”.

Sheriff deputies (Oconee County, Georgia) arrive on scene and discover a pistol on the ground. Per standard procedure it is cleared and…deputies discover the ammo is loaded in the magazine backwards.

HK eat your heart out!
(Vague reference most won’t get)

Truth is, many times criminals have guns that don’t work: Empty. Broken. Poorly maintained. Loaded with incorrect ammo. If you find yourself behind the curve facing a street thug, consider the odds his gun has a high probability of not working well (more than one shot), if at all.



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