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This story has been making the rounds and getting some press. And rightfully so. But what I am not seeing is some analysis on the reality check of a real gunfight. The highlights:

  1. Every year, 1000’s of people successfully defend themselves using a firearm with ZERO training whatsoever. Remember that the next time “experts” get you wrapped around the axel on what is right and wrong.
  2. More bullets is more-better. She fired to slide-lock. This is not uncommon.
  3. First reports are almost always wrong: She told 9-1-1 there were 2 attackers.
  4. Contrary to what your CCW instructor told you, suppressive fire is a good thing.
  5. One handed gunfights are very common: opening doors, holding radios or phones, putting hands on friends or foes.
  6. One suspect was shot and killed, he just didn’t know it at the time. Common.
  7. Perp gets the drop. Victim gets the first shot off. Many times perp’s guns don’t work.
  8. A final note for my fellow trained professionals who are about to roll in and talk about slicing the pie, hard corners and drop-outs. Flip the script. Imagine you and your trained buddies suddenly are faced with a determined attacker who has made a kamikaze run into the middle of your formation. Or otherwise “breaks the rules”.

The most famous of the unpublicized incidents happened in Iraq with Delta Force. A squadron is doing a building search. Bad guy in another room figures out they are a few feet away in the next room. He decides to flip the script by shooting through the wall instead of letting CAG fight their fight by making entry.

Delta lost a lot of people that day.
There are no rules.
There is no “right”.



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