Winchester 52 Bolt Removal – Insert Video

We have a Winchester 52c in the armory. It doesn’t get checked out very often, which is a shame. But as a consequence, when it does people don’t know how to take it apart or put it back together for cleaning.

It also appears there are not videos showing this process. So while I made this for internal consumption, hopefully our fellow Winchester 52 owners will see this video as a valuable reference from time to time.


Important points:
  • Disassembly is for a Winchester 52c. I can’t guarantee other models are covered.
  • To get the bolt out, you need to dry fire the rifle!
  • Yes, I know about dry firing rimfire guns, but it’s the only way.
  • I’ll say it again, you need to dry fire the rifle!
  • To ensure the sear was lighted correctly, we had to film using mirroring so that is why you see iPhone control buttons.
  • Seeing the sear move, and how it moves, is the payoff Winchester 52 owners are looking for.
  • Thanks for stopping by!

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