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Video — Mexican Marines Using Mini-guns Against Cartels

Not a Marine Unit. But the Mini-Gun Setup being used in this video.

Since El Chapo has been transferred to US custody, a power vacuum has opened up in some Cartel organizations. As clearly as I can tell, open warfare has erupted between Chapo’s kids and some senior cartel members.

So what? Right?

Well…this open warfare has turned some areas of this Mexican city into a battlefield. Filled with 50 BMG rifles, belt-fed weapons, and armored vehicles. So…it’s really turned into huge rolling gun battles. In these civilian filled urban areas. With lots of people being killed. Lots. It’s a huge mess.

The Mexican Federal government has been ignoring calls for help from the civilians. The local Mexican Army units stationed in the area have either chosen to sit the fight out (corrupt) or have been ordered by the Federal Government to stand down (corrupt).

So how did Mexican Government mini-guns end up in the fight? Simple. The commander of a Mexican Marine unit heard the pleas for help and said, “Fuck it. We’re going”. So without any permission from civilian masters, or ignoring orders to stand down, The Mexican Marines loaded up their helos and trucks and drove to the sound of the guns.

Yes, The Mexican Marines are operating independently to fight cartels and protect civilians. As they have always done. IMO, the Mexican Marines are the ONLY legit, not corrupted military force in Mexico. And they are personally responsible for the capture of El Chapo. Both times.

I have been working in Mexico on and off since the early 1990’s. Our regular readers are aware that that we know quite a bit about how that country really works and what is coming. Here’s a hint. Does what I just described sound like a functioning country or a failed narco-state?

Either way, the Mexican Marines are winning this small fight.



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