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Why Are Tactical Trainers Insecure about the The Super Bowl?

Lighten Up Francis

Confession. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl where the guy lead the team, from a huge deficit, against the other guy and his team. Where everyone wanted the girl to make a political statement. Who jumped off the roof, but did her job. And her fans aren’t happy she did her job? But somehow the winner of the trophy still lost his shirt?

Just reading that paragraph of gibberish above is exhausting and confusing. As a general rule, the only sporting event I ever watch, if life allows, is the Army-Navy game. I don’t find professional sports terribly interesting. My eyes just glaze over. Every game is, “the most important game in the history of mankind”. And every player is the, “greatest player in the history of the human race”. Until next year…when a different guy and a different game is the most important….you get the point.

VP Pence. More SECSTATE Baker. Notice the Swarovski Binos in his hand?
VP Pence. Former SECSTATE Baker. Notice the Swarovski Binos in his hand? I meet Jim Baker once. Sharp dude.

And with all that being said, I don’t begrudge anyone taking time off to watch these games. It’s actually kinda neat 100 million Americans watch the Super Bowl. And I know most of those 100 million enjoy it. The anticipation and excitement that’s in the air that day is palpable. Even to a Lunk-head like me! But it seems in our community more and more tactical trainers show their character flaws during these events.

Don’t act so shocked. It’s obvious. You’ve seen it too!

Let’s spec out the type. Guy or gal (mostly guys) who has a larger following on social media. And instead of using the divergence of attention off of them to..I dunno…take a few days off; they get on the MyFace and literally make asses of themselves complaining about the Super Bowl X or World Series Y. Which always kinda reminded me of the insecure high school kids who’s only reason for not liking the popular music was because it was, “popular”. And just like, Lord of the Flies, their acolytes go out and parrot this nonsense. Usually with ad hominem attacks tagging people as lemmings, sheep, followers, etc. All to imply that taking off a single afternoon will lead to you getting gunned down in some as yet unknown struggle.

Weird. No. Actually…it’s psycho-weird. It’s one thing to not care for football. But to trade on the fatal fears of others is wrong. Kinda, sorta reminds me of the stories about Leftists telling their kids that President Donald Trump is going to round up all their gay and non-white friends and force them into camps. What kind of cracked personality engages in these conversations? What’s the really going on here?

Harsh Reality

Lighten Up Francis
Lighten Up Francis

None of these folks do these things because they are true believers in some pseudo-religion. If they were, I could somewhat understand the motivations. Somewhat. Don’t have to agree with it, but who am I to tell you what Kool-Aid to drink? But the truth is most of you are being hustled. Because all that’s really happening is some folks just can’t stand being out of the lime-light. So they are emotionally compelled to insert themselves into every major news story. Because it always has to be about, “them”.

Doubt me? Test the thesis. Is the following statement true or false? If only people would stop watching the Super Bowl; odds, luck and skill would swing in favor of the good guys. You damn well know the answer.


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