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Someone os tagging 20's with pro-gun messages.

Freeze sent me these pictures way back during the summer. I just simply forgot about them. But as someone who lived through the bad old days of the 86 Hughes Amendment, the Import Ban, 922r, and the Assault Weapons Ban; stuff like this warms my heart.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s as a gun owner and advocate, I felt like I was fighting a uphill battle with not support from the general public or the mainstream media. And as much as many like to criticize Millennials, I have to admit something straight-up:

Responsible gun owner tag.
Responsible gun owner tag.

They have fought numerous wars for our country against a threat no less dangerous than Fascism and Communism. But on the home front, they have they chosen to become more educated about our Constitutional rights.

I have the demographic data since we run a very popular firearms website. The numbers don’t lie. The majority of our readers aren’t 80 year old, white male, bitter-clingers. Well over 80% are under the age of 40. And a plurality of them are…not…white.

I know the media and the costal elites like to dismiss this kind of analysis since it doesn’t fit into their world view. But look at what happened to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Look what happened to the 2-faced Republicans who pay lip-service to the Constitution and yet continue to erode our individual rights.

Someone os tagging 20's with pro-gun messages.
Someone os tagging 20’s with pro-gun messages.

As I wrap this up, I know some of my DC Beltway buddies will read this post and either roll their eyes or dismiss all the examples I cite as blips, outliers, or statistical anomalies. Uh huh. Keep telling yourself a Barry Goldwater, white conservative is going around tagging 20’s with pro-second Amendment messages.

Paul Krugman and Karl Rove don’t believe what’s about to hit them.

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