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Video: My 1911 Triggers Skills Have Lapsed

Ed Brown 1911 9mm

I was proving a point about not needing a huge facility to get quality training. Which I did with another video. But what I also proved was that getting out of practice with something means degraded skill. I ran a 1911 professionally for 12 years and was the master of the finely tuned trigger.

But over the past 4-5 years, I have pretty much run polymer, striker guns. Glock, FNS and VP9s. I actually shot this gun much worse than the VP9 video just 5 minutes before.


I’m out of practice with the lighter break of this 1911. Guess I need to work some 1911 drills back into my regime. Poor, poor me! I totally “ganked” the 4th shot. At least I knew it when it broke.







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