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Video — Testing Cheek-Weld / Eye-Relief Blaser R8

Video -- Testing Cheek-weld / Eye-relief Blaser R8

Going to be using the Blaser R8 for more precision work going forward. So I have been adding larger MIL-DOT scopes to the system. Larger scopes in this case means a bigger tube and larger objective.

As I suspected, the stock-pack is now about a 1/4” too low. So a rubber spacer is now on order.

If you look closely at my left eye, you will notice I am opening and closing to test / confirm my hypothesis. At the end of the video, what I am doing is opening the action, closing both eyes, and completely coming off the scope. Then I am closing the action and reacquiring the eye-box. This is a simple test for natural point of aim through glass.

Again, it’s off. Not by much for shorter-range, hunting standards. But at longer ranges, it’s almost guaranteed a miss. Unless you train to compensate for it. But then…you’re kinda learning something “wrong”.

Now you know.



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