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HK VP9 17rd Magazine
HK VP9 17rd Magazine

HK has finally introduced 17rd magazines for their VP9 / P30 series of pistols. You can tell a 17rd mag by either the 17 witness holes on the back. Or the orange follower. Which personally I think is a nice touch. 

I run a Taylor Freelance magwell on my VP, so these bases will need to be switched out for optimal performance. But that’s because of my gun. 

I have received numerous questions asking if the 17rd magazines will work on the older VP9’s? The answer is yes. 

There is no practical difference between the 15rd and 17rd magazines externally. The tube is slightly longer. And I stress slightly. As in millimeters. The bulk of the design change has taken place internally. 

I would guess, and am guessing, they upgraded the bottom of the follower and the spring-base mechanism to give room for two more rounds. 

Which is a solution that seemed obvious to experienced shooters for a very, very long time. Better late then never, HK. Better late than never. 

The VP9 is still my favorite striker-fired handgun. And probably the “most modern” in terms of it being fully ambidextrous out of the box, including magazine release. If yours uses the paddles. Which IMO is by far the better design. 






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