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Getting The Hard A

Easy-A- Field Book & Shooting Logs
9mm 1911 with shooting log at range.

A habit I got into many, many years ago was to document my range sessions or any shooting. The primary reason was to get accurate data for service and failures. 

Suffer a parts breakage? Instead of guessing the round counts? Just pull the data. 

Easy-A- Field Book & Shooting Logs
The Field Book I use. They are dirt cheap and fit in back pockets.

But it gets better. Two unforeseen benefits of documenting rounds and sessions were: 

One: My estimated number of rounds fired in a year was complete bullshit. And once I figured that out for myself, I started to critically evaluate other’s “estimated” round counts. All these folks talking about how much they shot, and “gun guys” were full of complete gun-forum / gun-store bullshit. 

I didn’t want to be one of those guys anymore. So I fixed it. These days I shoot much more. 

Two: My shooting sessions have become much more organized. It’s not just about volume, it’s about quality. Drawing from holsters, reloads, transitions, moving, weak-hand, weak-side, accuracy, speed, corners, etc. No benefit in just practicing what I’m good at or what is “fun”.

Easy-A- Field Book & Shooting Logs
9mm 1911 with shooting log at range.

I rarely “have fun” when shooting. But I do get a sense of accomplishment out of it. 

The only way to get that feeling is to go to the range with a plan in mind. I setup the scenarios with defined goals. And then try to execute them. Sometimes I have good days and sometimes I have bad days. That is valuable feedback for setting up the next session. 

Is all of these necessary for you? Unknown. But I look at it like something I witnessed back in school. There were folks who seemed to just be able to get the easy-A with little effort. Not me. All of my A’s I had to work hard for. If you are a hard-A guy looking to get ahead? Maybe this is for you? 

Besides, I doubt the easy-A guys read this far anyway. 






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