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We Endorse Adam Kraut for NRA Board

Adam Kraut for NRA Board

If you are as pissed off at the NRA as I am over their shenanigans, do the following things.

1. Stop giving money to the NRA and join the GOA.
2. Keep your NRA membership however.
3. Vote for Adam Kraut, and only Adam Kraut, for the NRA board.

If he gets in there, I expect him to really stir things up and push people like Marion Hammer out!

John1911 is officially endorsing Adam Kraut for the NRA board and NOBODY else. Why only him? One, I have zero faith in any current board members by virtue of their decisions. Two, by only voting for Adam Kraut his standing isn’t diluted in the total count.

He’s a write in candidate. Get on it.




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