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Wilson X9L Arrives

Wilson X9L. Wilson X9L with SRO RDS.
Wilson X9L with SRO, light rail, and 18rd magazine.

As we stated on the last podcast, we have a Wilson Combat X9L in The Armory. Here are photos as it arrived at the FFL. Hence why I am wearing gloves and a mask. (COVID-19 pandemic for readers in the future)

Why the X9L? 

I am legitimately curious if a double stack 1911, chambered in 9mm, and designed to NOT be offensively fat, can truly be so?And on that front, it looks like Wilson is on to something. 

Additionally, there are a lot of internal design changes that have gone into the X9L that make it VERY different from standard 1911s. Changes one could easily say are upgrades from the original design. Those we will highlight after shooting it…extensively. Maybe they are? Maybe they aren’t?

Finally, for those new here. We are NOT gear reviewers. The John1911 Armory and Range are stand alone businesses. I sought out this pistol since I am personally interested in it. 

We could not find one regionally in their dealer network. So Wilson Combat has seen fit to send out a built-to-our-spec, T&E sample. 

I will be running this gun daily, and making it available to shooters on our range. 






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