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EDC X9L First Shots

Wilson Combat EDC X9L First Shots.
Wilson Combat EDC X9L First Shots.

One needs to crawl before they walk. At least us mere mortals. So here I am literally shooting the X9L for the first time…on video. 

Since I don’t have a lot of time with RDS equipped pistols, I am defaulting to irons. But…I have to admit something. Under extensive dry fire presentations, I am seeing my speeds increase with the red dot. 

Which makes me reticent to remove it. Wilson put the SRO on, thus giving me the perfect excuse to finally start dealing with red dots on pistols. We will just have to figure it out together. 

Impressions on X9L:

Caveat. We are not gear reviewers so my opinion is worth what you paid for it. With that out of the way, here goes. 

It feels really good in my hands. Primarily…I suspect this can be attributed to the work Wilson has put into keeping the double-stack frame slim, and non-offensive to hold. 

The other telltale sign of that is reaching the control surfaces. I am not gripping the pistol any differently than I would a single-stack 1911, and have ZERO problems reaching the thumb-safety, mag release and slide-stop. 

I need to get out the calipers to confirm some measurements, but it does “feel” like Wilson has succeeded in making a double stack that isn’t 2011 fat. 

Additionally the X-TAC pattern (or whatever Wilson Combat calls it) is legit. I like aggressive texturing. The more blood drawn, the better I say!

And while the X9L doesn’t sample my DNA while shooting it; even in a slight rain, the pistol stays in place under recoil. So something is right there as well. 

A positive first impression. More later.






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