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Rolex Takes a Dive

Broken Rolex GMT Master II. Pepsi.
Broken Rolex GMT Master II. Pepsi.

OK. Why am I writing about watches?

The reality is guns, cars and watches tend to be very “guy heavy” interests. And some years ago, the subject of, “Wearing your Rolex While Shooting” was a popular topic. 

We still get people checking in on the Rolex periodically. I’ve had it for, I think, 23 years and wear it everyday. That is until today. 

Back at The Armory I was unloading my vehicle of some range stuff. Since it had rained that day, I took my muddy boots off by the dock. Which left me with sock-feet. 

And while walking around the office, I slipped and fell very hard down some stairs. Very hard.

  • So hard, people came running out of concern. 
  • So hard, I should have broken bones. 
  • So hard, The Rolex was ripped off my arm on the way down. 

It goes without saying I am not getting any younger. And with that age comes wisdom. And wisdom suggests…

”Psst! Hey, Buddy. You don’t have too many zero-consequence falls left in life.”






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