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Wilton Shop Vise
Wilton Shop Vise

This is a vice that is used primarily for cleaning and light disassembly. So the forces exerted on it are minimal. 

Which is probably a good thing since it has seen some very hard use during it’s life. You can tell that by looking at how the jaws don’t close perfectly and the cracks in the lower-half. 

But that’s OK. I plan on addressing some of the jaw stuff one day, but the rest will be left alone. The most important aspects of the vice still hold true. 

First, it never drops anything or becomes overwhelmed by the weight of a long gun or heavy barrel. Second, it feels smooth to use and confidence inspiring, with no sharp edges or flimsy construction. 

Not every vice needs to be howitzer rated, nor would I want it to be. But every time put my hands on this Wilton Shop King, it brings a little smile to my face. I like it. Simple as that. 

Does that make me a vice snob? Perhaps it does. But I’d rather have hard used quality than shiny crap. 






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