Win 10 PMAGS Giveaway

We told you folks that there would be a run on magazines and AR’s in 2016. For those of you who waited and didn’t buy anything, we are stepping up to help you out.

One of our friends, a major vendor, graciously slipped us 10 30 round PMAGS. So here’s the deal. For every shirt you buy between now (June 19th 12:01am) and July 22nd (12:01 am EST) is ONE chance to win 10 FREE PMAGS.

It doesn’t matter how many orders. Just numbers of shirts during that period. Example: you could place 3 separate 1 shirt orders. Or a single order for 3 shirts. Both get you 3 chances. Only those who actually purchase a t-shirt (or product of any kind) between the start and stop dates are eligible.


Now’s your chance.


“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”



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