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Video: 223 FAL — SA-4800

Springfield SA-48 / 4800 225 - 556 FAL

We had a reader inquire about the 223 / 5.56 FAL we have in the armory. His main questions were:

  1. Can it use PMAGs?
  2. If so, what generation of PMAGs?
  3. What do we think of GI / STANAG Magazines?
  4. Where to get one without a thumbhole stock?
  5. Can I mount a red-dot (RDS) to it?
  6. Can I SBR it or make it shorter?

So instead of writing all my thoughts out, why not just turn on the camera and handle it that way. And show off a pretty cool rifle to boot!



BTW…the shirt is our El Diablo. You can find it at www.tacticaltshirts.com






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