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Interesting SCAR PDW Stocks

SCAR 16 PDW Stock

Found these images recently and thought they were interesting. It seems more and more aftermarket options are coming out for the SCAR rifles. I figured my fellow SCAR users would like to see these.

SCAR 16 PDW Stock
SCAR 16 PDW Stock

Both stocks shown here are known as PDW stocks. Very similar to some of the German HK varieties. Since the SCAR doesn’t use a buffer-tube, it is very flexible on stock configurations.

SCAR 16 PDW Stock
SCAR 16 PDW Stock

Special note to the home-gamer. Notice both images show the stocks closed. I believe that is not by accident. PDW stocks excel at carry. Not so much for cheek weld and comfort. No free lunch as they say.



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