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Zeroing Blaser R8 223 caliber barrel.
Zeroing Blaser R8 223 caliber barrel.

Why shoot cheap, reloaded ammo through your higher-end bolt gun? Simple. It’s a cheap way to practice position shooting. What a lot of people who are interested in precision rifle seem to overlook is the ability to shoot your gun in positions. i.e. Not prone. 

Can I expect to keep tight groups at range with cheap ammo? Of course not. But position shooting at 100 or 200 yards at a reasonable target size is valuable practice. 

Consider this kind of calculus when shopping for your next “cool-guy” precision rifle. Is it in a barrel burner caliber that pukes at 800 or 1000 rounds? Or is the the rifle 26lbs? Big negatives from a practical rifleman point of view. 






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