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5000 Rounds Fired – EDC X9L

5000 Rounds Fired EDC X9L
5000 Rounds Fired EDC X9L

5000 Rounds Fired

First off, this video requires some explanation. It’s actually a video test. And since every video needs a goal, for the purpose of the test; I held up my pistol and said, “Make a commercial about this gun”. 

So they did. 

The round counts shown here are real. You’ll notice I double tapped one plate since I wasn’t convinced it was a solid hit. So the sequence ended at 5001. Happens. By the time you see this video, the gun is well past 5000 logged rounds. 


  1. Wilson Combat has nothing to do with this. 
  2. The video is a make-work exercise. 
  3. This is not a real commercial. 
  4. Since the EDC X9L hit a milestone, I decided to publish it. 

To reiterate…this was made for internal consumption. It’s a technical exercise demoing video and editing capabilities for John1911 staff; while also safely educating film people about running and gunning with live ammo. 







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