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Zeroing 223 FAL

Zeroing the 223 FAL. SAR-4800

It was a very rainy day and I had a busy schedule. So I jumped onto the bench rest range for a quick 100 yard zero session with the SAR-4800. AKA the 223 FAL.

Once I achieve a mechanical zero at 100, I generally like to shoot a rifle through some very basic position shooting. This achieves multiple goals.

First it gives me trigger time to master the peculiarities of whatever trigger I am pulling.

Second, this gives the rifle time to show me if it’s going to hold zero or start walking. But I’m not stuck behind a bench shooting the same thing over and over again.

Third, it allows me to figure out if my personal body mechanics will impart a POI change that I might just want to compensate for on Rifle.

This last one is very, very rare with rifles. At least for me. But it’s something I want to discover while zeroing. NOT when it counts!

Note: humanoid targets seen on video are at 130 yards.


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