No! Birdshot Does Not Work For Self Defense

This is a rumor that won’t seem to die. Why I have no idea. In today’s information age, just about anything you want to learn is just Google-fu away. But for some reason, I will still occasionally hear someone, somehow, someway has contrived some ridiculous scenario where birdshot is their choice as a self defense shotgun loading.

And typically, the equation involves a wife or a girlfriend. Here is my advice, if you wish to set your girl up with a shotgun for SD; and some kind of reduced-recoil ammo isn’t in the cards, just roll with a 20 gauge stuffed with real ammo.

Birdshot wound

Birdshot wound

Look, nobody likes being shot with birdshot. But shooting someone isn’t about “fucking them up”. It’s about incapacitating them. Cold. If someone is engaged in activity that deserves being shot, you need to think about “stopping them” instantly from doing whatever it is they are doing.

Birdshot. Does. Not. Get. That. Job. Done. Even a shot to the face and neck isn’t incapacitating as shown in the infamous Dick Cheney v Harry M. Whittington shooting.

Any successful use of birdshot for self defense is a psychological not a physiological stop. Use psychology to avoid the fight. Use physiology to stop it.

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