Podcast EP56 — HK goes 300, Wilson Vaporware Pistol, Spying on Trump?

Episode 56 of the John1911 podcast is now live. Hope everyone enjoys the new show intro music. In this episode we cover:

  • HK Offers a 300blk 416 Rifle?
  • Did the GOV spy on Trump?
  • Wilson Combat’s new vaporware 9mm pistol.
  • Getting your Tea Party Stickman On.
  • Judge commits felony.
  • Customs follows Army and selects the SIG P320.
  • Glock appeals Army’s MK17 Pistol Selection.
  • The Bin Laden family thinned out some more.
  • FBI’s HRT selects Black Hills for 300blk.
  • K-9 SWAT drill gets a freebie!
  • WTF are Ljungman’s $2000 on Gunbroker?
  • Dillon 1050 primer tube blows!
  • HK releases long slide and compact VP series.





“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

  • Keith1911


    I love my Kimber Ultra Carry II. After a few hundred rounds of break in it has been dead nuts reliable. And with the double recoil spring it shoots softer than you might think.

    • Keith, pistol looks good. I had a bunch of Kimbers years ago. Of the three CDP series (Of the 4 possible at the time) pistols, the Ultra was the most accurate of them all at 25 yards.

      The “warning” with “officer” sized 1911s is they run very, very fast. And as such, are much more sensitive to variations in the factors a 1911 uses to calculate function.

      For example. The 8 round GI magazine that someone had owned for 10 years and works 100,000% percent in their 5″ government might not work well in the officer. The reason being the slide cycles so fast the follower doesn’t have a chance to catch up with the next round. Or…..the spring is so weak that the recoil impluse of the slide coming to a complete stop, causes the magazine spring to “bounce” sometimes causing the slide to miss the next round.

      Typically you can’t diagnose this last issue unless viewing under a high-speed camera.

      If I recall, the Ultras double encapsulated spring had a change schedule of 700 rounds. Or maybe that was what we had decided? It’s been a decade since I had that gun. But the smaller the gun, the more the user needs to stay on top of those schedules.

      Change those mag springs, recoil springs, check those feed lips, watch the limp wrist-ing, etc, etc, etc.

      But it’s been a long, long time. Maybe Kimber has changed over to a flat-wire setup that lasts longer?

      Thanks for stopping by.