Surefire Flashlight Maintenance

Let me start off this post by saying that I am not an equipment nerd. So whatever the latest and greatest widget is, I usually don’t care.

My daily carry Surefire Executive Elite E1e

But what comes along with that is…usually…I run equipment and gear for a long time. This Surefire flashlight is an example of that. It’s one of their Executive series. LED. Single CR123 battery. I have carried it daily since? Maybe…2007? 2008? Not certain on that. But it’s been a while if not a decade.

Once when I thought the battery was dying I discovered the electrical contact was corroded. How I discovered it was putting in a new battery and still having a weak light! Yeah, rocket science. Me be a college graduate.

So…2-3 times a year, I’ll have to pull the light apart and clean the connector. On this last pass, I was overseas and not in the armory. Which is why the background is a hotel room lamp and pillow.

Check your lights. Keep your contacts clean. Maybe you aren’t pushing out nearly as many lumens as you think?

All is well now.

“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

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  • guns2317

    Get some dielectric grease and treat the battery contacts as well as the threads & o- ring on the cap. Stuff works great at fighting corrosion and ensuring conductivity. I swear by the stuff, “discovered” it a couple years ago, now I use it on all of my electrical projects.

    • Going to be honest even if I am showing my ignorance and stupidity. I likely won’t be introducing a grease into my daily CCW system that I don’t have to. I know what you are saying is smart and makes complete sense, but being about a dumb as a hammered rock, I will likely end up with that grease everywhere but where it belongs!!!