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35 Yard A/C 10-Shot Challenge

35 Yard 10 shot A/C Challenge.
35 Yard 10 shot A/C Challenge.

Picked this challenge up from Mike Seeklander. It’s a 10 shot string, no misses, at 35 yards, on an A/C sized target. Oh…one more thing, pistol has to be drawn from the holster. 

Mike shoots it with irons. His speed is 5.63 seconds. That is almost a full second faster than what I shot it. And I had to try 4 times! 

Obviously I need to put more work in. 

If you are looking to up your pistol game, but aren’t necessarily down with traveling across the country for someone’s “gun camp”? Take a look at Mike Seeklander’s online training programs. Highly recommended. 

Mike can be found at his website:







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