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Winchester 12 Faux Trench Gun

Model 12 Trench Gun
Winchester Model 12 Faux Trench Gun.

Winchester 12 Faux Trench Gun

The final installment on the faux trench gun collection I ran across. This one is a Winchester Model 12. And anyone who knows anything about shotguns, if not loves, at least highly respects the Model 12. 

Having one in a trench gun format would be a dream. At least for me anyway. So that is why these faux trench guns have appeal. They are being represented as faux so no problems there. 

This one I don’t believe is quite as old as the 520 Stevens shown earlier. But done very well. No, I haven’t picked it up for our collection. But might kick myself for not doing so. 

We need a Model 12, and faux “trenchie” might fill the bill. 





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