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Blast From The Past — Old Shok Buffs

Frame Saver Shock Buffs
Very old shok buffs

Going through old boxes in the armory. Still getting organized since the move during COVID. And look at what I found here: old time shok buffs. 

Frame Saver Shock Buffs
90% chance these are for a 1911, but I can’t guarantee it.

Now the official name for this brand seems to be “Frame Saver”. Honestly don’t recall who made these or where we got them from. I’ll probably hold onto this package as they don’t take up any space. 

Frame Saver Shock Buffs
Frame Saver. Truth is, the metallurgy used in guns today is heads and shoulders better than stuff from the 1910’s and 1920’s.

Additionally I feel like modern buffs are much more durable and long lasting than the stuff we used to see in the 80’s and 90’s. That is just the long way of saying we would never, ever use these now. 






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