AR Kaboom – What Happened?

This video was recently brought to my attention. I don’t know how long ago it happened or where? 

I have seen many rifles ka-Boom. AR’s even. Usually what I see is a “blow-out” down the magwell and out the ejection port. 

That is not what happened here. The upper completely blew apart. Up to and including separation near the rear hinge-pin. 

So what say you? The dreaded 300blk in the 5.56 barrel? Or something else gave way and possibly lead to an out-of-battery-detonation? OOB. 

Notice the expelled gas sideways and down. Milliseconds before breakup.

Special note: The hammer is left in the fired position. Is that because of the 3rd pin sear? Or did the gun detonate when locked and not get a change to cycle? 

CLICK HERE to see pics of another 300blk KB in a 223. Not nearly as violent. 





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