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Mechanical Engineer with over 30 years experience. Mongo currently works in the firearms industry on a contract basis. Previous employers in the industry include Remington, AAC, CZ BRNO, Master Piece Arms, and many others. The US military currently has a few of Mongo’s designs in use today. Current gun interests include collecting unique, controllable, light machine guns and their accessories. weaponblueprints.com

Design Disaster – A Lesson in Firearms Engineering

Design Disaster - Mongo’s First Firearm Design
Talk to any mechanical engineer that is into guns and you will probably find out that they want to design the perfect straight pull...

Mongo’s Spare Parts Rifle No. 2

Remington 40x
So its 2010 and I’m lying around in a hospital bed in a LTAC (Long Term Acute Care) facility being bored out of my...

OWS Imports Surplus Scrome J8 Scopes

Scrome J8 FRF2 Surplus Sniper Scope
Mongo brought to our attention that Old Western Scrounger (OWS) is selling surplus French Military Sniper optics. This has come as somewhat a shock...

Project(s) Rifle

Remington ADL Project Rifle
Aka what do you do with a pile of gun parts accumulated over 30 years working in the firearms industry?   This rifle is the amalgamation...

The Open Bolt M16 LSW – Colt Model 950

Colt Model 950 Machine Gun
History Ever since Colt acquired Eugene Stoner’s design for the M16 from Armalite, they have been trying to use it in designs to fit various...

The Holy Green Remington 700

Custom Remington 700.
The rifle build starts with a Remington 700 .308 action from a first generation PSS. The original barrel had lost its accuracy and the groups...