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First of all, I am not a clay-bird kind of shooter. I own only one O/U shotgun. A Browning Citori I needed to buy for an event 15 years ago. Back then there was a shooter in my squad who was toting around a $25,000 shotgun. I recall it being a Perazzi. I only noticed it since that guy never actually put his shotgun in a station rack. His gun always rested on the toe of his boot or cradled in his arms.

Blaser F3 Higher End Model.

Blaser F3 Higher End Model.

The rarefied air of high end O/U shotguns has always been something that seemed to be a bridge too far in my eyes. 7-10-25-$50,000 shotguns are for other guys. Not that I am against them. And frankly, not that I can’t afford one. I probably can.

Because truthfully, if you look at the totals of what I have spend on modern-sporting-rifles (assault rifles for you folks in NYC) I could easily get into a 5 figure shotgun. But my interests lie somewhere else. Freeze and I are lucky to break clays once every other year. Lucky. So my Citori is more then enough gun. Hell! For many, my Citori IS a dream gun. Let’s be real here.

Top: Blaser F3 Standard Grade.

Top: Blaser F3 Standard Grade.

My weakness is “systems”. My 2-cell amoeba mind gravitates towards them. And the Blaser F3 does something pretty neat: A F3 can be purchased with 4 barrel sets. 12, 20, 16, .410. And all the barrels weigh just about the same!

Like I said. Pretty neat! The same shotgun for our once in a blue-moon clay-breaking session, and then switch to .410 and hunt for squirrels. You know the theory, “Beware the man who owns one gun because he probably knows how to use it”.

Blaser F3 Shotgun Standard Grade. That's one shotgun with 1 barrel. Not 4!

Blaser F3 Shotgun Standard Grade. That’s one shotgun with 1 barrel. Not 4!

It’s a cute theory. And generally true. But for me, I just can’t justify $20,000 for one shotgun. But if I ever get a chance to heat up a Blaser F3 I’ll jump at the chance. But I better hide my wallet. Because I’ve been known to spend stupid money on firearms.
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