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Blaser LRS – CISM – UIT Magazines

Blaser CISM rifle.

An interesting development in the Blaser rifle world. A small custom shop known as Morlock Customs, out of California, is starting to make aftermarket products for the Blaser Tactical 2, LRS, LRS2, UIT and CISM line of rifles.

Those who have been hurting for support from Germany will find his product line very interesting. His prices are on-par with Blaser retail, but that is because he is making these items to order.

Now let’s start with the Blaser UIT and CISM magazines. Without getting too deep into what UIT and CISM are, just know this. If you have a very old Blaser rifle that takes a 10 round double stack magazine, this product is for you. It is well known that the early 10 round mag is rare as hen’s teeth; and frankly, was about as successful as a dumpster fire. Blaser knows this which is why they switched to a more reliable single-stack design in the more common LRS2 / Tac2 rifles.

What Chris has done is custom designed a new single-stack magazine that will hold 5 rounds, work in the existing 10-round box magwell, is much more reliable than the original, AND…will also work as a single-shot-sled for the UIT – CISM oriented competitions!

But most importantly, he has created a source for these magazines. It happens like clockwork that eventually the English speaking Blaser users will find this blog. Realize I am a Blaser shooter. And ask if I can help them find one of those old double-stack mags. It has been getting harder and harder to help.

So now, thanks to Chris, those folks have a new, high-quality, retail option! Here is his website if you wish to order some Blaser products:  www.morlockdesign.com 






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