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This rifle popped up on our Facebook page this week and I wanted to share some backstory. As our regulars know, I have been a fan of biathlon for a while now. And this week, we all get a chance to watch biathlon on network TV at the Olympics.

While the modern competitors use a 22 caliber rifle action called, “Fortner”, that wasn’t always the case. In the past 7.62 NATO was an option. And predictably, one of the most accurate 22 caliber rifles of it’s day was used: The Martini falling block, single shot action.

That is what we are looking at here.

Heavy barrel. Front Sight.

Notice the competition style sights. The custom fitted stock. Attached ammo carrier. And even the individually fit cheek piece. In summary, this rifle looks like a really fancy setup. Even by today’s standards.

If I ever get a chance to pick one up, I guarantee it’ll hit the rack in the armory. Cool factor off the charts. Cheap to shoot. A standard caliber. And likely more accurate than I personally will ever be.

The owner describes the rifle as follows:

“Birmingham Small Arms co. Martini international. MKII
These rifles were used for several types of matches including Biathlon.
I have shot this rifle and if the shooter does his job it will make one 22caliber hole at 25 yards. It is without a doubt the most fun I have ever had at the bench.”

Very cool gun. Special thanks to Ken K. for sharing.



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