John1911 Podcast

EP86 – CMP gets 1911s, Colt SP1 VTAC Drill, Remington Bankrupt

On this episode of the John1911 Podcast

  • Remington declares bankruptcy.
  • CMP gets first batch of 1911s.
  • Gemtech sues S&W.
  • Poacher eaten by Lions near Kruger
  • SIG MCX in running for Army MP5 replacement.
  • Colt SP1 performs VTAC 1-5 Drill.
  • Crazy comic book Steyr-Hahn grips.
  • Don’t put break INSIDE of hand guard.
  • 3 Mile record shot. Yawn.
  • Paster caught with bound man.
  • It’s crazy how we deal with crazy in the US.



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