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It’s Crazy How we Handle Crazy

People don't just turn crazy at 19. He was crazy at 17. At 14. At 12. At 8.

I said this before I knew any facts about the Florida school shooter. I’ve said this in regards to multiple mass casualty attacks. And here it goes again.

People can play the gotcha game and say, “we told the FBI”, “We warned YouTube”, “Everybody at school knew one day he would…” Then what? Seriously. Then what? What can the FBI do? Or the cops? At most a school can kick someone out.

But we don’t have the facilities, or legal mechanisms to involuntarily commit people to inpatient community control. We just don’t.
They have to kill someone then they end up in the prison system.

You can arm teachers all you want. And for the record I support that. Won’t keep these people off the street though. You can literally ban every single gun in America. These folks will still shoot up schools. And if they can’t get a gun, low and behold, you’ll see them obsessing over running people over with trucks.

Or spree attacks with chainsaws, Mass poisoning, whatever is “en Vogue” that year.

The two most common variables in these attacks, out side of religion, is anti-psychotic drugs and a reputation for being, “that guy”. AKA crazy.

Now…let me make a political observation. Everybody in America thinks they have “rights” and “freedom” but we all know the Deep State does what it wants how it wants irrespective of your “rights” for its own interests.

But on a local and state level, everybody knows who the crazy people are, but our local authorities aren’t allowed to target them until someone gets hurt.

People don’t just turn crazy at 19. He was crazy at 17. At 14. At 12. At 8.

My friends on the right and left will find lots to dislike in this post. So let me drop this nugget of non-PC truth into the mix to really crank up the volume.

We figure out who the crazies are, in most cases, while they are still minors. Usually while they are in school. Society has A LOT of power over minors.

We compel minors to do all kinds of things, and if they don’t, it ends up being a criminal case for the guardians, or they are made wards of the state.

In the old days, we used to “divert” these kids into institutions.
So don’t tell me we can’t knock down 90% of this nonsense and divert these kids into (modern institutions) residential treatment. Even if it has to be for the rest of their lives.

That’s the real problem in America. We don’t have any “crazy control”. It’s either walk the streets or the Federal penitentiary.

It’s a PC thought problem that everyone reading this can verify at home. Check this out and ask yourself this question.

Florida School shooter. Everybody knew it was him. It was predicted and he was even reported to the FBI.

Within 20 miles of your house. Is there someone who lives under a bridge? Has all his worldly possession in a shopping cart? Is at risk of freezing to death every winter? Year after year after year?

Do you call that person, “homeless”? If so, you are part of the problem. That person is mentally ill and should be under inpatient community control.

Now ask yourself. If the “bridge people” who are easy to find are out there? What about the ones who have enough sense to wipe their own asses, but are still crazy dangerous? Where are they?

Ask any beat cop to show you his 30 day calls for service records. You’ll find them. Over and over and over. Until finally they end up doing time. And then cycled back out on the streets.

The clinical definition of crazy is how we handle crazy.



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