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POTD – Glock 19x FDE

Gen 5 Glock 17 vs Glock 19x.

Officer Mike is trolling us. He randomly sent this over. Not sure if he’s flashing his resources or offering to let us try the Glock 19x?

So what say you? Should we try to get Officer Mike’s Glock out on the range for some testing? Or is this just another in a long line of Glocks?

Me? I can see both sides. The 17 Gen 5 pictured was, “Meh, it’s a Glock”. But as someone with larger hands, the 19 has never really fit me well. A 17 grip and a 19 frame is just what the doctor ordered.

And many of is were not surprised that the US Military specified a pistol as such. It’s been on the theoretical wish list for well over a decade.



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