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Drill – Colt SP1 – VTAC 1-5

VTAC 1-5 Drill w/ Colt SP1 Rifle

This vid is really more of a test than something standalone. We are picking out a place on the farm where we can easily shoot shorter range drills in all weather conditions. Both rifle and pistol.

Rifle: Colt SP1. 20” Barrel. GI trigger. 1970’s vintage. No forward assist.
Drill: Viking Tactics (VTAC) 1-5. The setup for this drill seems to vary wildly so here are the parameters we are going to use moving forward.

1. Shot at 5 yards.
2. Targets 1.5 yards apart edge to edge.
3. Rifle at a low ready. NOT starting while pointed at target 1.
4. Left to right on the beep: 1 shot. 2 shots. 3 shots. Back to middle target with 4 shots. Back to far left target (#1) with 5 shots. 15 rounds total.

Notes on setup: we have seen VTAC list the shooting position at 5 meters which is 5.4 yards. Since most US ranges and Shooters measure in yards, we are keeping it easy at 5 yards.

Notes on scoring: researching on the net, scoring seems varied. Many are just counting hits. While others are checking zones on target and applying penalties. Both methods are fine depending on your current goals or skill. I would guess 99% of the videos showing people racing a timer are not scoring zones, only hits.

It is also important to make sure you actually shoot 15 rounds in this drill. Not 14. While this statement may seem obvious, I’ve seen a lot of guys on the net; who think they are good, only shoot 14 rounds and not realize it.

What is considered good? Published reports say anything under 3.5 seconds is very good. I suspect that is for measured hits such as A-Zone, etc.

For speed Shooters, I believe anything under 3 seconds is very good. But you better start from low ready. And you better shoot 15 rounds or it doesn’t count.

Final thoughts: I discovered finding definitive info on this drill very frustrating. Never before have I seen a “standard drill” with so many ass-backwards, non-standard variations and no agreed upon metrics.

The whole purpose of a drill is to skill build across multiple shooters and places. The fact there is no agreed upon standard is retarded.

Kyle Lamb should address this. Until then, we will shoot it at 1.5y E2E at 5 yards distant.



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