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The 5.56 FAL Argument

The argument for the 556 FAL

Right off the bat, I have to confess this video is more for my benefit than yours.

Pretty consistently we receive drive-by comments about the 5.56 FAL that seem to be rooted in myth or Hollywood movies.

So every time someone dumps on the 5.56 FAL, in lieu of recreating the argument from scratch, I’m going to link this video instead.

Final thoughts: I am not saying the 5.56 FAL is superior to any weapon. Much less to it’s big brother. This is just an attempt to balance out the trope with some history and facts.

Personally, if someone placed both calibers in front of me and said pick one, load up, it’s time to defend America; I’m taking the 5.56 variant all day.

Never any question in my mind.


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