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Bought a SIG 229

Bought a SIG 229 40S&W
Bought a SIG 229 40S&W

After busting Marky’s balls about 40 Smith and Wesson, I now have to eat some crow. To be clear, I really do not have anything against 40 and have owned several. A few years back, I decided to somewhat consolidate calibers and landed on 9mm and 45ACP. I do have a little bit of 38 special but got out of 10/40, 44 mag, 357 mag, and several rifle calibers. I did make the cardinal re-loaders sin and sold dies and components for 10/40. 

This weekend I snatched up a like new Sig P229 stainless. While by no means a unicorn, it is the stainless frame version. It should soak up recoil nicely but is very heavy for what it is. It will be interesting to see how it carries, but since I run Kore belts, it might not be bad with the right holster. 

I ordered some 10/40 dies, again, and look forward to seeing what this pistol will do with quality hand-loads. As much as I try to keep the cool kids in sight, these old school, steel, hammer guns just keep sucking me in. Whether it is steel or polymer, I will be shooting guns and having fun. 





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